An American Tail (1986): Meeting Warren T. Rat


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The clip meeting warren t. rat from An American Tail (1986) with Will Ryan, John Finnegan

Keep it moving, keep it moving.
Hurry, hurry!
Step off the boat and into prosperity!
Welcome, greenhorns! This is America!
Today's special, the Brooklyn Bridge,
just a dollar!
Golly, the Brooklyn Bridge!
Ticket to Chicago! Used only once!
Gee whiz! Only once, ma.
Get my apple while it lasts.
Hurry, it's going fast!
Apple, anyone?
18, 19, 20, 21.
Please put out that filthy thing.
I'm suffocating down here.
You're not the only cockroach in New York.
Other roaches would love to work for Warren T. Rat.
Good! Fire me. I'm fed up...
with that smoke and this pocket!
I've seen cleaner kitchen stoves.
All right, Digit.
Hey, how much money did we make today?
Well, let's see.
7, 9, 4, carry 1, drop 2.
5 down, 7 up, 98.6...
And 2 plus 2 is 22.
What's the boodle?
So far, we have collected $89 and...
and 13 cents.
We'll get another 17 from Moe.
That's 50 cents less than yesterday.
What? 50 cents!
I hate to lose money.
Where can I find an extra 50 cents?
Au revoir, my little immigrant!

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