Bus 174 (2002): the Hostage Taker


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The clip the hostage taker from Bus 174 (2002)

Sandro was only 6 years old
when his mother was murdered in front of him
in a shack in the Rato Molhado favela.
The boy saw everything. He didn't have a father.
Grandparents? No such thing.
So he was on his own.
He had nobody to look after him.
So he hit the streets. He went to Meyer.
In Meyer, he met other street kids.
They formed a small gang and went to Copacabana.
There's money and food there. They go hungry less often.
It's harder to beg in the suburbs. Here, tourists give you money and food.
That's how it started.
He went from a family tragedy
to being in a gang of street kids.

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