The Wedding Date (2005): Kat Meets Nick


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The clip Kat meets Nick from The Wedding Date (2005) with Debra Messing, Jay Simon

I'm not a knuckler, I fly all the time.
The reason I can't feel my legs
is that any second my date is gonna sit down in 3B
and I need him to look really good today.
Hello, 3B.
Thank you.
Let's sit.
I'm glad you found it OK.
The airport... The plane, I mean.
I'm sorry we couldn't leave sooner. I know you wanted to get settled before the party.
Work must be crazy.
Oh, I should warn you.
You know those families where everyone's out of their mind
but they're your family so you love them?
Mine's not like that.
I love my dad.
But since he's my stepdad, he's technically not family.
He's more like a hostage.
'Ladies and gentlemen,

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