La Marche De L'empereur (2005): A Story About Love


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The clip A Story About Love from La marche de l'empereur (2005) with Amitabh Bachchan

There are few places harder to get to in this world.
But there aren't any where it's harder to live.
The average temperature here at the bottom of the Earth... a balmy 58 degrees below.
That's when the sun is out.
It wasn't always like this.
Antarctica used to be a tropical place...
...densely forested and teeming with life.
But then the continent started to drift south.
And by the time it was done drifting...
...the dense forests had all been replaced with a new ground cover:
As for the former inhabitants. they had all died or moved on long ago.
Well, almost all of them.
Legend has it that one tribe stayed behind.
Perhaps they thought the change in weather was only temporary.
Or maybe they were just stubborn.
But whatever their reasons. these stalwart souls refused to leave.
For millions of years they have made their home...
...on the darkest, driest, windiest and coldest continent on Earth.
And they've done so pretty much alone.
So in some ways this is a story of survival.
A tale of life over death.
But it's more than that, really.
This is a story about love.

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