Curious George (2006): Giant George


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The clip giant George from Curious George (2006)

The city is my jungle gym
Look at this big great world That we're living in
There's lots of fun to be had on these streets
We can take a ride just you and me
It's a jungle gym
Would you get out of the way? Man on a mission here.
Trolley cars and buses, too
All the big kids going to school
I'm going to get a treat from the ice cream man
I'm seeing multiple violations of rules of the road!
Multiple violations!
The city's nitty gritty
But it's so much fun
Oh, yeah.
A 40 foot monkey causing unintentional widespread panic? Seen it.
Sha la la la la la la la la la
Sha la la la la la la la la la
Traffic is crazy. I'm going to get off Broadway and try Sixth.
It's a funky beat
The more I've learned inside the city
Hey, there are lines painted on the street for a reason!
Oh, yeah? Well, that's not physically possible for me to do!
So there.
George, take that license-plate number down, quickly.
The city's nitty-gritty
George, what are you thinking? Tighten your seat belt.
Every nutcase in the city is on the road today.
Wow, Junior is right. There is a parking problem in this city.
Mr. Bloomsberry! Mr. Bloomsberry!

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