Curious George (2006): George and the Baloons


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The clip George and the baloons from Curious George (2006)

Excuse me, mister. You have to help George.
George who? George needs you.
Take a message. I'm busy.
He has an emergency!
The restrooms are behind the penguin habitat.
Mister, your monkey's floating away. Look. Seriously, there he is.
He's what? He's what? There, look at him.
I'm not kidding.
Hey, monkey! Don't be afraid.
Just keep your head together, and don't look down!
You've got to save George.
Who, me? Yes, you!
Hurry! Okay.
Your monkey's going to fall quick! Hurry! Hurry, Ted. Hurry. He's floating away.
I'm commandeering these balloons.
Hey! Hey, where are you going?
I need that. Thank you, young fellow.
Can I borrow these? You're going to need a lot of balloons.
Here I go!
Boy, glad that's over.
Pay you back. Thank you. You don't mind, do you?
Official zoo business. Oh, my! Okay.
Wait for me, monkey!
Excuse me. I'm sorry. I'm trying to fly.
More altitude.
Sorry, I need this kite.
How do you steer these things?
Hang on, little fellow. I'm coming.
Hey, look at that! It's some super-hero.
There's a high fly ball deep in left-center field. We're going to win!
We lost. And the curse continues.

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