Going All the Way (1997): Driving


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The clip driving from Going All the Way (1997) with Ben Affleck, Jeremy Davies

Golden -
Teardrops -
Ooh -
I remember when -
You fell from the eyes -
Of my love -
You made me reconsider -
What a fool -
I've been -
And swear to God -
I'll stray no more -
By all the stars above -
Golden teardrops -
Golden teardrops -
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ohh -
You caught my envy -
So, what happened with you and Gale?
Thank you and good night.
Absolutely nothing. Not a goddamn thing.
She frigid or something?
Oh, no. No.
Hell, no.
No, that would be me.
I fucked up, pal.
How about that? I-
Instead of fucking her, I
I fucked up.
You know, 'cause I couldn't get it up.
I thought you were hot for her, man.
Oh, man, you know...
Shit! Shit! She was it, man.
She was... the dream, the girl, the beginning, the end.
She was everything.
The perfect combination of sex and brains,
The one we're all supposed to find, the one we deserve.
You know, everything.

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