Going All the Way (1997): Gunner Convinces Marty


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The clip gunner convinces marty from Going All the Way (1997) with Ben Affleck, Rachel Weisz

Hold on a second.
Hold on there for a second.
Listen, I was, uh-
Well, I was thinking maybe, you know,
we could get together sometime, you know.
'Cause, uh-
Because I-
I want to talk to you about some stuff.
You know, I was thinking we could get together...
and talk about some, uh...
some... stuff.
Like what?
Well, uh-
OK, would you at least give me your phone number?
It's in the book.
You all right?
Did you twist your ankle?
No, my ankle's fine.
I just got such a goddamn hard-on,
I can barely walk.
Yeah, she's-
I don't even know what she is.
She's something else.
she just thinks I'm a dumb jock.
Oh, no, really?
You think?
Why don't you tell her about zen and that stuff?
You know, take her to see some art.
I don't know shit about art, OK?

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