Going All the Way (1997): What Do Men Want


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The clip what do men want from Going All the Way (1997) with Ben Affleck, Jeremy Davies

Called A Lonely Crowd, right?
And I'm realizing that I've always been kind of-
more of an outer directed guy, right?
And now as time goes on,
I'm kind of becoming more inner directed...
and not giving a shit so much...
what the crowd think.
You mean what the lonely crowd thinks?
Hell, any crowd.
They're all lonely, you know that.
You've always been kind of more...
of an inner directed guy, right?
Um, well, um,
I don't know, actually.
For Saturday night -
I fell in love -
Oh, goodness.
I want a Sunday kind of love -
I want love -
Ohh, man.
What I wouldn't give for a nice,
new piece of ass right now.
You bet.
What about Deedee?
Well, what about Buddy Porter?
Yeah, well, Buddy's, um...
You know, she's-
She's, uh-
She's nice.
She's good.
You know, she's-
She's Buddy.
And she's available.
Right, exactly.
See what I'm saying?
It's not just getting laid we want.
That's not it.
It's something else, right?
It's something- something extra.
It's a little something-
It's something different.
You got it.
I mean, say you could only eat one thing...
for the rest of your life, right?
Say, I don't know, peach pie, OK?
Now, fine, great, maybe you love peach pie.

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