Going All the Way (1997): Marrying a Jewish Girl


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The clip marrying a jewish girl from Going All the Way (1997) with Ben Affleck, Jeremy Davies

Yeah, so I'm trying to snow her, right?
With a bunch of intellectual shit.
Right, right.
And she keeps shooting me down, you know?
And every once in a while,
she's yawning, OK?
Ha ha ha ha!
And she's really pissing me off.
Finally she makes this crack...
about how boring people are in the Midwest.
I just flipped my lid right there.
I couldn't take it anymore.
I just said exactly what I thought,
not giving a shit if she liked it or not.
Absolutely. What'd you say? What'd you say?
I just looked right at her and I said,
"Hey, look, bitch,
maybe I didn't go to school back east, OK?
And I'm no egghead.
And maybe I am just a dumb jock.
but I know a few things...
you don't know.
Like I know how to fuck you.
And I know you want it too. "
Yeah, so what-
What did she say?
She was jelly.
oh, goddamn it!
Is this in the Jewish style?
Well, I'm not really familiar...
with this style of painting.
So, I naturally assumed...
that since you're taking lessons...
from that little Jewish girl-
You know what, Mother?
You don't have to keep saying Jewish all the time.
You can just call her Marty.
That's her name.
Does it bother you that she's Jewish?
No, Mother.
It bothers you.
Are you accusing Nina of prejudice?
I'm not accusing anybody of anything.
I should probably- I'll just-
You know, I never made a peep...
when you took out those little Jewesses...
in high school.
I'm as broad-minded as the next person.
But this is a different story now.
Why is that?
Because you are a man now.
You are at an age...
when any girl might be a potential wife.
And you know that!
Don't you play dumb with me!
I'm not.

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