Going All the Way (1997): Gunner's Friends


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The clip gunner's friends from Going All the Way (1997) with Ben Affleck, Jeremy Davies

To me, all those years, it's like, wasted.
All that time, it just seems like it was flushed away-
jockin' around and acting like I knew it all...
and being a big rod and-
I must've seemed like a real asshole.
Oh, you know-
That's all right.
Hell, I get to thinking how I was back then-
It's embarrassing, you know what I mean?
Really, there were a lot of times when I felt like, myself-
Lock up the women and children! Gunner!
Hey, you old cocksman!
You old jocks can still hit the ball, huh?
Shit, man. We're 5-2, and leading the league.
Ha ha ha!
You guys remember Sonny Burns.
Sonny, you know this bunch of muff divers.
You got Wilks Wilkerson, Jocko Biemer-
Russ, hey, let's get another round for the boys.
Please and thank you, huh?
So, Guns, you still blankin' Deedee Armbruster?
Hey, be careful, Gun.
She'll make an honest man out of you.
No. The old cocksman is not ready to pack it in yet.
So, I heard Shins tied the knot, huh?
You mean, "Pops" Shins?
Oh, no!
Patsy already dropped a bambino for him.
Hey, Guns, we need a good man on the mound.
How's the old wing?
Yeah, how about it?
Don't you worry about the old wing.
Yeah? All right!
The old Gunner's back!
Gunner! Gunner! Gunner! Gunner!

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