Going All the Way (1997): with the Family Again


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The clip with the family again from Going All the Way (1997) with John Lordan, Jeremy Davies

You might get a little faint.
Your mother has your room fixed up just right.
And I'll bring you up a little snack later.
You never heard a word from your fine-feathered friend,
if that's what you're looking for.
He said he was gonna write when he got to New York.
Well, I guess he just got too busy...
raising cain down in Greenwich Village...
with the rest of the communists.
Him with hardly a scratch and you almost killed.
Is that your Christianity, Mother?
Anybody you don't like should die?
Let's not dwell on the past, OK?
Such a sweet little surprise.
Oh, that Buddy is so sweet.
Of course, she wanted to be here,
but I thought you needed your rest,
so I thought we'd pick her up
on our way to celebrate at your favorite restaurant.
Hollyhock Hill.

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