Where the Money Is (2000): Finding the Guards Gone


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The clip finding the guards gone from Where the Money Is (2000)

That was so cool. Damn, was that cool.
I mean, that was so damn cool. Damn.
You nailed it.
That's right. All the way.
I had this buddy down in Florida, bred greyhounds.
He had this one pup.
Dog just finally went faster and faster and faster.
And one night on the backstretch,
that dog caught up with a mechanical rabbit.
Took a mouthful of metal, 220 volts and dropped like a stone.
Well, I guess he got what he wanted, but it sure wasn't what he expected.
He caught the rabbit, didn't he?
Oh, yeah, he got the rabbit.
What a bummer.
Just imagine. The moment... Wait a minute.
What the hell.
Oh, no. No! How did this happen?
I tied 'em up. That's all I know. I tied 'em up good.
Oh, no. Man.
Where are you going?
Well, I gotta look for them.
Aw, come on. Waste of time. They could be anywhere.
How far is the nearest road?
I don't know. Eight or nine miles. You rode in with me. You tell me.
If we're lucky, we got an hour before they get to a phone. Let's get this thing unloaded.
I tied 'em up. I tied 'em up good.

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