Where the Money Is (2000): Henry's History


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The clip Henry's history from Where the Money Is (2000)

How about a little squeeze?
Man, why'd they have you chained up like that?
He's a felon.
Ladies, you should know better than that. Go on.
There's plenty of time to visit later.
Not a lot of privacy around here,
but considering where you've been,
a little female attention might be nice.
Right. How 'bout a little music?
We got rock 'n' roll. We got jazz.
We got country. We got lots of country here.
How was work?
Got a new guy in.
Guess what he was?
A bank robber.
Pretty good one too. Took them 30 years to catch him.
The only reason they did was a blackout.
Why'd he black out?
He didn't black out.
Denver did. The whole city.
The emergency generator kicked in.
The vault shuts, and the next day when they open the vault...
Are the keys in the car?
Okay. See you in the morning.
They found him in the vault.

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