Where the Money Is (2000): Carol and Henry Dance


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The clip Carol and henry dance from Where the Money Is (2000)

/ Lie to me /
/ And tell me that you'll stay here tonight /
/ Tell me that you'll never leave /
Aren't you worried being seen like this?
You're the one that ought to be worried.
Everybody wondering what the hell you're doing...
dancing with your great-great-great-great grandfather.
I never danced with him.
So, come here often?
Lady, I've been coming here every day for the last five years.
Often enough.
Why don't you go someplace else?
It's the only someplace else in town.
Try a new town.
How long you guys been goin' together?
I don't know. Since high school.
We were king and queen of the prom.
Kind of made sense, you know. King, queen.
When did it stop making sense?
/ Oh, anyone can see /
/ That you love him more than me /
/ But right now, baby let me pretend /
/ That our love will never end /

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