Where the Money Is (2000): Henry Explains How He Did It


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The clip Henry explains how he did it from Where the Money Is (2000)

You know, it's funny the kind of stuff...
that you can get shipped into a prison library.
Tantric Buddhism, mind control, autohypnosis.
Gotta... gather up all that stuff.
Find out what you need and make it work for you. I did that.
All day, all night. Every day, every night.
Like I was in training.
Yeah. I played sports.
Yeah, well, faking a stroke is not exactly like, uh,
an Olympic event, but I gotta tell ya,
if you know they're gonna be stickin' pins in ya,
and you know that there are gonna be guards 24 hours a day...
just waitin' for you to screw up on the hustle,
then you know it ain't good enough to be just... playin' possum.
You gotta be a possum. Dead possum.
So you work,
and you learn just to funnel... everything down,
so finally all you know,
all you are is a heartbeat.
I gotta tell you, you get to a place like that,
it is some kick in the ass.
Then you take that, and after a while,
you can shape it and mold it and squeeze it till...
Hey, I can make every heartbeat sound like Frank Sinatra.
Yeah, man.
I'll tell ya...
One day, this cockroach...
just climbed off my collar,
decided to take a hike around my face,
and he parked...
half on my upper lip and half inside my nose.

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