The War (1994): Billy Lipnicki and Stephen Fight


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The clip Billy Lipnicki and Stephen Fight from The War (1994)

Look here, I cut my arm.
That makes 31 scars.
I must have more scars than you now.
Hell you do.
I've got more scars than Frankenstein.
Put your arm up here, next to mine.
Come this way.
Them cigar burns you said don't count. Got to be an accident.
I'm itching like a wet dog.
You smell like one, too.
Shut up.
Orbiting Pluto, Billy?
We never get to do nothing good.
I hate this town. I hate these ugly clothes, ugly shoes...
Why not just say you hate everything in the universe...
...and give our ears a break?
She's gotta recite the whole encyclopedia of hates every damn day.
It's clear.
You done good by us, Billy boy.
People said Billy Lipnicki was nuts...
...and saw visions and talked to the spirits.
The only thing that I knew was that he loved dimes.
But, what I didn't know at the time was that very same day... father had pulled out his only decent shirt...
...ironed it perfectly, and put his tie on to look respectable... he could buy us a new house at the county auction.
Flossy stall again, Dad?
What the hell's the matter with you? Can't you drive?
Come on, Flossy.
Get that piece of junk off the road!
Go around him, stupid!
Did she stall again, Dad?
What's the matter with you? Move it!
He's just doing it to spite you!
That's why he cut you off!
Move it!
What the hell?

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