The War (1994): Elvadine and Lidia Stand Against Their Teacher

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Published 27 Oct 2011
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The clip Elvadine and Lidia Stand Against Their Teacher from The War (1994)

Good morning, girls and boys.
My name... Miss Strapford.
...this summer, we're gonna be familiarizing ourselves...
...with what I believe... just the finest little book ever come into print.
It is entitled:
Why My Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries.
Now, doesn't that title just give you a thrill?
Excuse me, darling.
When the teacher is speaking, the polite thing for girls and boys to do... to shut their little mouths and listen, you understand?
Yes, ma'am.
...once we are finished with this book...
...we are gonna be devoting our time to writing our memoirs.
This is where you will indicate to me...
...why your life... like a bowl of cherries.
Let's get this class into some sort of order.
Son, you're a tall boy.
Why don't you swap seats with the girl back there in the plaid?
Go on. Pick up your stuff and move on back.
And you with the hearing aid!
Why don't you have a seat back there?
Just crank up that little thing of yours.
And you, sweetheart, why don't you have a seat up front?
Oh my, you're a big girl.
I'm sure you'll see just fine in the rear aisle. Go on.
And you, little girl, why don't you have a seat in the back with your friend?
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