The War (1994): Building A Tree-house


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The clip Building A Tree-house from The War (1994) with Charlette Julius, Elijah Wood

I need five men!
How about me, boss?
You with the suspender.
You with the denim, you with the thermos jug.
He could use some help, you guys.
Child, it is too hot to work.
I might catch me a stroke out here.
We can't lift this.
Come on. We almost got it. Come on.
All right, let's try this one more time.
I can't lift that.
Poor son of a gun.
He wants to build that place so bad, he's willing to put up with anything.
One, two, three!
Look how they've got him sweating.
Am I lying too or what?
I'm telling you, it brings tears to a mars eyes to see.
You guys wanted that up there, then why didn't you ask me?
Put that thing up there.
That's the way you ask me? Ain't you heard the word "please"?
Get out of my way, lightweight.

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