The War (1994): Stu Saves Billy Lipnicki


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The clip Stu Saves Billy Lipnicki from The War (1994) with Elijah Wood, Christopher Fennell

Oh, no. He ain't breathing. He ain't breathing!
Come on, Billy! Help me now.
Take a breath. Come on, wake up! Damn it, Billy, fight it!
Fight it! Listen to me. I'm talking to you.
Come on! Come on!
Live, Billy.
Breathe! Please, God, breathe!
Stop it, you'll hurt him!
It ain't no use. He ain't taking air.
Don't you listen to them, Billy. We're gonna pull through this now, you and me.
Wake up! Come on, you gotta live!
You gotta live!
You gotta!
Don't hurt him.
Just let him be.
No! We've gotta give him a chance.
Come on, Billy, take a breath!
My daddy says people can do anything they have a mind to... long as they believe they can.
Please, God, let him breathe!
You took my dad. Don't take Billy. He's just a little kid.
You've gotta wake up now. You've gotta live!
Come on, breathe!
Don't quit now, Billy!
Will somebody please help me?
I will.
You know what you're doing?
I sure hope so.
Wake up now, Billy. Nobody's gonna be mad at you.
You did the best you could.
Come on, you're a real-life hero.
Come on, wake up, Billy!
He woke up.
You know, I saw an angel.

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