The War (1994): The Lipnickis' Dare

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Published 27 Oct 2011
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The clip The Lipnickis' Dare from The War (1994)

Oh, Stu!
I think you ought to join us out here on the patio, right quick!
Stu! Oh, Stu!
Come here, twerps!
Let go of my ear!
Shut your face, freckle!
Stuart Simmons, meet Arliss Lipnicki again.
Billy says you've all been mooching off on our property.
This is our stuff. Your daddy took it from our old house.
I've seen bird houses built better than this.
Probably fall to pieces in the first good wind.
Bitching lock. Where did you get it?
It's my dad's.
Come from the war. Come on, give it back.
Goody gumdrops.
I think I'll just take it home and play with it.
Now, come on. Give it back.
That there's our stove, I'll tell you that right now.
Them boards and rusty nails are ours, too.
If it's just them few things, we'll dismantle them and give them back.
Trespasser wants to give us back our ruined boards...
...with ten million scratches and dog-piss stains.
I'm afraid I'll have to lay claim to this piece of crap fort.
You don't need to claim it. You guys can come visit any time.
Shut up, Billy, you little dip.
Hey, cool fort!
What the hell did they do to your head?
Same thing I'm gonna do to you!
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