The Skeleton Key (2005): Getting Treatment for Ben Part 2


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The clip getting treatment for ben Part 2 from The Skeleton Key (2005) with Kate Hudson, Maxine Barnett

And when this stuff works, it's because someone believes it works?
And if you thought, you know...
magic made you sick...
you might believe in a magic cure, right?
Even though it's all in your head.
Somebody been working roots on you.
Say I knew someone who believed he'd been...
Would he believe he could be uncrossed?
What's the nature of his condition?
He can't speak. Barely moves. He had a stroke...
but he seems to think someone else made him that way.
And you want to know what happened to him?
You went in there. You actually went in.
Are you out of your mind?
Come on. Haven't you ever heard of psychosomatic treatment?
Yeah. But this is not that.
How much of a patient's recovery depends on his believing he can?
What recovery? This is hospice.
You're just supposed to help this guy die.
He believes in this stuff.
So what? Who is he to you?
Forget it.
No, you forget it. He's not your dad.
Not this one, the last, or the one before.
Why are the two of you so attached?
I'm sorry, Cary.
Just so you know, if I'm not attached to him...
I'm abandoning him.
Attached is better.
I know. Cary, I'm sorry. Okay?
But would you look at yourself?
You want to be a nurse and you just walked out of a witch doctor's.
It's not for me.

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