The Skeleton Key (2005): the Story of Papa Justify's House


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The clip the story of papa justify's house from The Skeleton Key (2005) with Kate Hudson, Gena Rowlands

I've seen the room.
What room?
The room you say you've never seen.
It's not locked anymore.
No, child, you don't know what you've seen.
You're going to tell me right now.
Or I'm leaving.
You're not from the South.
You won't understand.
That room up there, you just don't go in and...
throw things out of a room like that.
You leave them just where you found them.
The house is theirs just as much as ours.
The house is whose? Whose things are in that room?
All right.
About 90 years ago...
there was a banker here, his name was Thorpe.
He made his fortune cheating the poor.
He was a mean man. He was a cruel man.
It was him, and his family, and couple of servants...
name of Mama Cecile and Papa Justify.
Sit down.
the way I heard it, old man Thorpe, he didn't know...
that Papa Justify was a "two-headed doctor. "
He was a conjure man. So was Cecile.
They believed in-
That was their room.
They were famous all through the bayous.
They healed the sick and they hurt the mean.
"Hit a straight lick with a crooked stick," as the coloreds say.

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