Scent of a Woman (1992): Meeting Frank's Family Part 2


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The clip meeting frank's family Part 2 from Scent of a Woman (1992) with Chris O'Donnell, Al Pacino

Who are you again?
I'm here at the Waldorf with... Is it your brother?
W.R.'s final issue. How ya doin', son?
Yeah, sure, Frank's my brother. Who the hell are you?
I'm takin' care of him for the weekend.
Where's the booze?
Flowin' like mud here.
To tell the truth, the Colonel's not well, I don't think.
Not well?
I think he's a little lonely.
Why didn't you take him to your family's for dinner?
I heard that!
I heard that.
Pay no attention to him, Charlie. That's just big-brother talk.
He's been watching out for me since day one.
Bailed me out of more trouble than he'd like to remember.
Here, let me take your coat.
I meant to pick up some vino on my way up, but I blew it.
I'll send you the Rothschild again for Christmas,
only let's see how Thanksgiving goes.
I'll set two more places.
Here's your drink, Frank.
Thank you, Randy.
Still with Snow Queen Sugar?
Snow Flake. Why do you always get that wrong?
Because it's not important for me to get it right.
What are you doing there now?
I'm vice president for marketing.
Hoo-ah! Congratulations!
Sugar is shit, though.
I told General Abrams, install honey in the commissaries.
If K-50s didn't blow your brains out,
sugar, sure as shit, was gonna.
Why don't we all sit down? Ooh.
Mitsouki. Rhymes with nookie. Be careful.
When the wife gets restless, the wife gets racy.
Well, let's go and eat, shall we?
By all means.
Thank you, Charlie.
Where you wanna sit, Frank? At the head again?
Any old card table will do. This is fine.
Where was I?

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