Scent of a Woman (1992): Saying Goodbye to Frank


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The clip saying goodbye to frank from Scent of a Woman (1992) with Al Pacino, Chris O'Donnell

Colonel, this is too much.
Never mind, you earned it.
Next time Charlie and I
want to take a breather to New York, we're gonna call you.
You can drive us both ways.
You're on, Colonel.
Not only will it be an honor,
I'll give you a rate.
I'll see your rate and raise you.
Stay outta harm's way, Manny.
Take care, Colonel.
You, too.
Ready? No. I'll take it from here.
You go on ahead.
Manny'll drive you to your dorm.
Come by before you go home for Christmas.
We'll have a little cheer.
And if you like, stay for dinner.
Sometimes she cooks a pot roast.
It's almost edible.
All right, Colonel. That'd be really...
Bye, Charlie.
Who's there? That you, Francine?
What are you doing?
Taking a ride.
Taking a ride?
What about you giving me a lift?
Come on, Francine.
We should make up. Don't you think it's time we made up?
Francine? What?
Uncle Frank's had

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