Field of Dreams (1989): Terrence Man Part 2


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The clip Terrence Man Part 2 from Field of Dreams (1989) with Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones

I've already taken up too much of your time.
I wish I had your passion.
Misdirected though it might be, it is still a passion.
I used to feel that way about things, but...
You got another message, didn't you?
You'll think I'm crazy.
I already think you're crazy. What did it say?
It said, "The man's done enough. Leave him alone."
Moonlight Graham.
You saw it.
Saw what?
You saw it. New York Giants, 1922. He played one game. He never got to bat.
You saw it!
What did I see?
Chisholm, Minnesota.
We were the only ones who saw it. Did you hear the voice, too?
It's all right to admit it.
It's what told me to find you. Did you hear it?
"Go the distance"?
Yes. Do you know what it means?
It means we're going to Minnesota to find Moonlight Graham.
We're going... We?
I must be out of my mind.
What do we do when we find him?
How the hell am I supposed to know?
That's right. You're right.
This is so bitchin'.
I don't believe I'm doing this.

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