Field of Dreams (1989): Talking to Graham Part 2


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The clip talking to graham Part 2 from Field of Dreams (1989) with Burt Lancaster, Kevin Costner

Wrap your arms around the bag.
That's my wish.
Is there enough magic out there in the moonlight to make this dream come true?
What would you say if I said yes?
I think I'd actually believe you.
There's a place where things like that happen and if you want to go, I can take you.
This is my most special place in all the world.
Once a place touches you like this, the wind never blows so cold again.
You feel for it. Like it was your child.
I can't leave Chisholm.
I understand. I do.
But I really think you're supposed to come with us.
But your wish?
It'll have to stay a wish.
I was born here, I lived here, I'll die here, but no regrets.
Fifty years ago, for five minutes, you came this close.
It would kill some men to get that close to their dream and not touch it.
They'd consider it a tragedy.
Son, if I'd only gotten to be a doctor for five minutes now that would have been a tragedy.
I better be getting home. Alicia will think I got a girlfriend.
And he smiled.

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