Field of Dreams (1989): Annie Fights for Freedom of Speech Part 2


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The clip Annie fights for freedom of speech Part 2 from Field of Dreams (1989) with Lee Garlington, Amy Madigan

I experienced the '60s.
No, you had two '50s and moved right into the '70s.
Annie, look at this.
Your husband plowed under his corn and built a baseball field.
Now, there's an intelligent response.
The weirdo.
Honey, it's all right. I'll be cool.
At least he is not a book-burner, you Nazi cow.
At least I'm not married to the biggest horse's ass in three counties.
All right, Beulah, do you want to step outside?
All right, I've got a better idea. Let's take a vote. Who's for Eva Braun?
Who wants to burn books?
Who wants to spit on the Constitution of the United States of America? Anybody?
All right. Now, who's for the Bill of Rights?
Who thinks freedom is a pretty darn good thing?
Come on! Let's see those hands!
Who thinks we have to stand up to the kind of censorship they had under Stalin?
All right. There you go. America, I love you. I'm proud of you.
We got to go.
We got to go.
This is great!
I figured it out.

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