Field of Dreams (1989): Seeing Terrence Mann


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The clip seeing terrence mann from Field of Dreams (1989) with James Earl Jones, Kevin Costner

Who the hell are you?
Sir, my name's Ray Kinsella.
We got a learning disability here?
If I could just have one minute, please.
I can't tell you the secret of life, and I don't have any answers for you.
I don't give interviews, and I'm no longer a public figure.
I just want to be left alone, so piss off.
Wait! Wait!
I've come 1,500 miles to see you at the risk of losing my home and alienating my wife.
All I'm asking is one minute. Please.
One minute.
I understand your desire for privacy and I wouldn't intrude if this weren't extremely important.
Oh, God. I don't do causes anymore.
This isn't a cause. I don't need money or an endorsement.
You once wrote, "There comes a time...
"...when all the cosmic tumblers have clicked into place...

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