Field of Dreams (1989): The White Socks


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The clip The white socks from Field of Dreams (1989) with Kevin Costner, Art LaFleur

Hoy! Hoy! Hoy!
All right!
Watch Joe's feet.
A good left fielder knows what pitch is coming.
He can tell from the bat's angle which way the ball's heading.
Show off!
Stick it in your ear, Gandil.
If you'd have run like that against Detroit, I'd have won 20 games that year!
For Pete's sakes, Cicotte, that was 68 years ago. Give it up!
Hey! You guys want to play ball or what?
Muscle-bound jerk.
Oh, yeah? At least I got muscles.
At most, you got muscles.
Come on, asshole! Pitch!
Weaver, be nice.
Sorry, kid!
It's okay. I don't mind.
All right, Karin.
Hey, hey, hey!
Mom and everybody are leaving now.

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