Field of Dreams (1989): Karin Falls


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The clip karin falls from Field of Dreams (1989) with Kevin Costner, Timothy Busfiled

I'm not signing.
You're crazy! Absolutely nuts!
I can't do it, pal.
Ray, you build a baseball field in the middle of nowhere and you stare at nothing.
It's not nothing.
Your daughter's turned into a space case.
Get your hands off her!
Is she all right?
I don't know.
Is she breathing?
Should I get the car?
I'm going to call emergency.
Annie, wait.
Just wait.
What have we got here?
She fell.
This child's choking to death.
Get her up.
Hold her steady now.
Hot dog. Stuck in her throat.
She'll be all right.
She'll be turning handsprings before you know it.
Thank you, Doc.
No, son. Thank you.

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