Wild at Heart (1990): Marietta Recruits Farragut


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The clip Marietta recruits Farragut from Wild at Heart (1990)

I'm gonna hire me a hit man, if you don't help me stop this thing.
I'm going to call Marcello Santos.
Marietta, I am gonna help you.
So don't get carried away.
You don't want to bring Santos and his bunch into this.
You're just jealous of him 'cause he's still sweet on me.
You been seeing him again?
Oh my God,
I don't believe this!
Johnnie Farragut...
who doesn't even trust his very own Marietta?
Alright, I'm sorry honey, but...
I just love you,
and it just brings out...
That ugly jealous side, I hate it, God!
No tongue! My lipstick.
Sweetheart, I want you to stop worrying about me,
and start worryin' about how to get Lula from that murderer.
Honey, wait a minute now:
Sailor ain't no murderer.

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