Karov La Bayit (2005): Refusing to Work Part 2


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The clip refusing to work Part 2 from Karov La Bayit (2005)

I don't believe in it.
You always get into trouble.
I'll show her an inspection!
Can you tell me what you're doing!
Dana calm down!
Everyone come in! You you go home!
Go Home! Get out!
How many are you letting in?
As I feel like.
Everybody stand still. Take their ID's least.
Everyone go home!
What are you doing?
Whatever I have to.
You Idiot! Dubek will screw us!
Dubek my ass!
Go ahead. Go ahead.
Excuse me... Step into the booth.
Don't go in!
Go in!
Step into the booth!
She's not!
The hell with you "step in"!
What do you care?
Why do you car!
I care!
Everyone go home! Go Home! Goodbye!
Step inside. Everyone go home!
Go home everyone go home.
Go home.
Enough. Go home!
You you and you. Everyone go home!

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