Karov La Bayit (2005): Julia's Goodbye Party


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The clip julia's goodbye party from Karov La Bayit (2005)

I do!
Rotem darling this is for you.
But I want it...
I'll give you another one.
Lucky her.
Commander Liat...
Yes Julia?
I have a gift for you.
I knit it myself.
It's beautiful thank you.
Thank you thank you.
Girls be quiet for a minute
I want to say some thing.
Julia is leaving us today...
So I wish her success in her future life.
Julia I hope...
that when you look back at these days
you'll have...
a few nice moments to remember.
Let's make a toast
we don't have much time
we've got to get back to work.
Good luck Julia.
Thank you.
Pay attention!
Girls Julia may have all the time
in the world but we have to move.
So... I'll read the work roster
and you'd better listen.
Rotem and Yedida sector 1.
Lee and Jeanette bus number 18
Mirit and Smadar sector 3.
Adi and Nitzan sector 4.
Yifat and Perah bus number 6.
Jackie and Ronit border crossing.
One more bite and we're out of here.
Come get the forms please.
Are you coming?

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