Meet the Parents (2000): the Altar


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The clip the altar from Meet the Parents (2000) with Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson

Wow! Looks like somebody got an "A" in wood shop.
Yeah, it's always been kind of a hobby.
I whittled that out of beechwood.
It's beautiful. So, what got you into carpentering?
Carpentry? I guess I'd have to say Jesus.
He was a carpenter and I figured if you're gonna follow in someone's footsteps, who better than Christ?
Greg's Jewish.
Are you?
Well, so was JC! Wow. You're in good company.
Ha! Right.
I'm gonna head to the pool, but why don't you show Greg and Pam the gift?
You made a gift? Greg.
I just put a fresh coat of lacquer on this, so bear with me with the fumes.
Wow! Kev!
Isn't that something?
That's incredible!
Roses. Deb's favorite!
Yes, right.
The little holes are for candles?
Yes. Later, they'll collect rainfall and make a tiny birdbath.
That's great.
It's beautiful. What is it?
It's an altar. 0r you might call it a chuppah?
Isn't that sweet? Wow.
I'll take it to the Byrnes' and tomorrow Robert and Deborah will meet beneath it to become man and wife.
And later, when they purchase a home, maybe it'll grace their garden.
Well, that's my... sappy, romantic idea.
It must have taken forever to build.
Not too bad. About 70 hours, which isn't bad, considering I carved it by hand from one piece of wood.
'Hey, Kevo! 12:15. Time to start the barbecue.'

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