Meet the Parents (2000): Get Caught


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The clip get caught from Meet the Parents (2000) with Robert De Niro, Teri Polo

Pam, help your sister.
I'm sorry, Deb.
You can see "Voight" backwards on your forehead.
You the bandleader? Go over song selection with Bob. Bob!
Are you a Mr. Focker?
0K, sign here, please.
Thank you.
Hey, your suitcase. You made sure it's all there?
Yeah, it's fine. What's up?
Just want to make sure you're 0K since hitting that spike.
I'm really sorry about that.
That's 0K.
I don't know what got into me, Iceman.
Sorry, is it special for you two?
No, Greg. Stop it.
Stop what, Iceman?
Top Gun was a very popular movie when we dated. That's it.
Hey, Iceman, I have no problem with that.
Do you wanna be Maverick? Is that what this is about?
I can't be, Kevin's Maverick.
No, he used to be, but we can change that.
Can he be Goose?
No, because Goose dies in the end.
It's very sad.
Honey, I don't...
Greg, shut up.
Dad! You ever think of knocking?
Not in my own den. What are you two doing?
I'd say rounding second base.
This is Greg's room, Dad.
Not now it's storage. Greg's in Deb's room and she'll bunk with you.
Fine. Come on, Greg.
I'll be right up.
Meet you upstairs.
0h, good. They found your suitcase.

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