Meet the Parents (2000): Looking for the Cat


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The clip looking for the cat from Meet the Parents (2000) with Teri Polo, Blythe Danner

He's not up in the trees.
Jinx isn't up here.
The neighbors haven't seen him.
You tried to milk him, you sick son of a bitch!
Dad, stop it! That's enough!
Please calm down.
How? 15 minutes to go and the ring bearer's missing.
The ring bearer?
Your daddy didn't tell you?
He taught Jinx to walk down the aisle with this little pillow.
0h, no, no, you didn't, Dad.
Yeah, you put this around the neck and the ribbons are for the rings.
0h, for Christ's sakes!
0h, Dad.
Now we can't have the rehearsal.
Bob, you ride with me. Larry, come with your car.
If we're not back in an hour, we'll reschedule for the morning.
No! We cannot cancel the rehearsal for some stupid cat.
How could you say that? That cat's been like a brother to you!
We just let him wander the streets without food, water or toilet?
Dad, Greg'll find him.
Yeah, what?
That's wonderful.
Fine. Fine. 0K. Denny?
Denny? Denny!
Dad, I'm here.
0h, 0K. You'll be the ring bearer for now.
I'm not wearing that stupid pillow on my head.
0h, yes, you damn well will!
Jinx! Come on, Jinx.
"Let him wander the streets without food, water or toilet...
Actually, you may be in luck.
They brought in a Himalayan a little while ago.
There he is.
Holy shit! That's Jinx!
Uh, let me see that photo again.
Picture him without the stupid cap.

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