Meet the Parents (2000): Meet Brother


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The clip meet brother from Meet the Parents (2000) with Teri Polo, Ben Stiller

Hey, you 0K?
Why didn't you wake me up?
I thought you'd like to sleep late.
Not when I'm a guest.
It's 0K.
No, it's not 0K. Tell that to Dr. Torquemada and his Inquisition.
Go take a shower, get dressed and come down.
In what?
Borrow some of Dad's clothes.
No, I don't... Come on!
Why not?
I don't feel comfortable wearing your dad's underwear.
0K, go wake up Denny and borrow some of his.
Wake up your brother, who I never met, to borrow his clothes?
0K. All right. Where's Denny's room?
Top of the stairs, turn right.
Hey, hey! What the hell are you doing here?
I'm...I'm Greg, Pam's friend.
Were you sniffing my boxers, dude?
No! Dude, no. She said I could come up and borrow some clothes from you.
No, no. Close the door...quick.
No. They think you're asleep, so, it's all good.
You scared me.
Your dad keeps you guys under a close watch, huh?
No, it's not that bad.
Your little Pamcake's got it a lot worse than I do.
0h! You need some clothes.
Yes, that would be great, thanks.
Hey, glad to hook you up. All right.

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