Meet the Parents (2000): Cat Part 2


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The clip cat Part 2 from Meet the Parents (2000) with Ben Stiller, Teri Polo

Pam, I don't hate cats.
I don't... I just happen to be more of a dog lover.
Yeah. Yeah.
Well, it's 0K if you hate cats, Greg.
I don't. I don't hate all.
That's 0K. Just be honest about it. There's some things I hate.
I'm being honest, really. Like what?
Why don't we let the kids freshen up?
Greg, we'll get you something to wear from Jack's closet.
0h, honey.
I'm so happy you're home, sweetheart.
Me, too, Daddy.
Hey, listen, be nice to this one, 0K?
I kinda like him.
0K, I'll try.
Thank you.

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