Meet the Parents (2000): Uncover Part 2


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The clip uncover Part 2 from Meet the Parents (2000) with Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller

I'm a very accepting person, Focker. All I ask for is honesty.
You want honesty?
You wanna talk about truth and honesty?
0K, let's talk a little operation...
Ko Samui...
What's he talking about, Dad?
I thought there weren't any secrets inside the Circle of Trust.
I don't know what you mean.
You don't, huh?
Cat got your tongue?
Pam, Daddy's planning a covert operation in Thailand for the day after the wedding.
You are?
Round and round we go, Jack.
They'd love to hear about your rendezvous in the parking lot.
You know, where the guy gave you the passports and documents?
0r your little phone call in Thai?
Jack can't talk Thai.
0h, no, Dina, Jack can talk Thai. Jack talks Thai very well.
I'm sorry, Pam, but your dad is not retired.
He's still very much in the CIA.

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