Funny People (2009): After Ira Got Fired


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The clip After Ira Got Fired from Funny People (2009) with Jason Schwartzman, Jonah Hill

Good morning. Hi.
I think I'm gonna forgive him today.
What? Really?
Great! That's great news!
He's just gonna be so jealous that I'm on Yo Teach! You know?
I just figured it'd be a cool thing to do.
Well, maybe we could find something for him.
You know, if it comes up organically, definitely, but we shouldn't force it.
You know?
I don't want to be on Yo Teach!
It's okay. I forgave you, you know?
Thank you.
So, how'd everything go up there this weekend?
I think I did the right thing, but George fired me and punched me in the face.
You want to talk about it?
I kind of wish you would. It sounds like the greatest story, ever.
Wake me up at 2:00. I'll tell you about it.
Well, we're glad you're back.
Glad you're home.
I can't believe I have to start all over again.
Hey, man, how you doing?
Hey, how you doing? Heard you were sick.
You feeling better now?
Over here!
George, second lease on life. What are you gonna do now?
Hey, guys, come on. Come on, I heard rumors
about another baby movie. What do you got, huh?
Yeah, yeah, we're gonna shoot that. That should be good.
Gonna start that in a little bit. Let me get by you, though.
It's nice up here, huh?
Yeah. How'd you find it?
Me and my friends, we hike up here and I always thought,
"You know, that'd be a great place to take
"a woman if you... If you knew one."
Well, now you know one.

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