Funny People (2009): Playlist for George


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The clip Playlist for George from Funny People (2009) with Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen

Do-ra-mi, wiener
My name is Wiener
My name is Wiener My name is Wiener
Don't call me wiener
Whatever. You got any jokes for me, dum-dum?
Got some good ones, I think, actually.
I have a thing about how, like, you're rich, you know,
and so you bought a private jet,
but you're afraid of flying,
so you just drive in it.
Oh, that's funny.
You just go to drive-throughs and car washes.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll come up with the ending, but that was good.
I thought it could be funny about your balls, you know, about how, like,
you're getting older and you found the first gray hair on your balls.
And it really worried you, but then you realized it was good
'cause it made your balls look distinguished and smart.
Like, if you gave your balls a little tweed jacket with elbow pads and a little pipe,
your balls could be like a character Kevin Kline would play in a movie.
Yeah, that's funny, that's funny. I could do that.
What else you got?
Actually, this just kind of happened.
I'm making you an iTunes playlist.
For what?
Sometimes, when I'm upset,
music makes me feel a little better, so I thought maybe...
Oh, it's a cheer-me-up thing?
I was gonna just put it on your iPod.
I don't have to play it right now.
For what? For when I go out jogging? I don't need to...
Let me hear it. I don't jog anymore. Let me hear my playlist.
Ira! Ira!
Okay, you don't have to make fun of it.
No, Bob Marley!
Yes. Everything is gonna be all right. You're right, Ira.
Bob Marley had cancer. Everything wasn't all right for Bob Marley.
He dead now.
What else you put on there for me?
I really don't want to do this, George.
Can we just... I'll... Just forget I did this.
Ignore it. I'll erase it, okay?
No, no, no, don't do that. Let's hear what's gonna cheer me up! This is good.
Come on. What else you got?
Okay, here's the next one.

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