Funny People (2009): Yo-Teach Shooting


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The clip Yo-Teach Shooting from Funny People (2009) with Jason Schwartzman, Jonah Hill

Scene D is up! Let's go on a bell. Yo Teach!
And action!
All right now... Bradford!
Yeah? What is this?
Bo's English test.
Well, there's a mistake.
Well, yeah, there are lots of mistakes.
That's why there's an F on it.
You know, if Bo doesn't pass, he can't play in the big game Friday.
Either you make this right,
or you'll be spending the summer teaching driver's ed. Honk, honk!
I can't be a part of this. I'm not...
Yeah. I'm gonna go.
This is just so painful, though, isn't it?
Yes, I want to kill myself.
So, where are you from, originally? You just moved here, right?
Yep. Delaware.
Delaware! Our first state in the Union.
Yes, it is.
That's great. No sales tax in Delaware, right?
Yeah, there's not. That's weird.
You know so much about Delaware.
You fucking Joe Biden?
He's from Delaware.
See? I knew that.
Bo, you're a smart kid. I've seen you rap.
All right?
Now, I am willing to give you a makeup exam on this, all right?
Do you like music?
Did you just ask me if I liked music?
Yeah. That... I'm... I'm aware that that's a weird question.
It's like asking me if I like food.
That was my next question.
Wilco. Do you like Wilco? Wilco's playing at the Greek Theatre.
And I was just wondering if you maybe wanted to go with me.
Yeah. I'll go. I'd be into that. I like Wilco.
Okay, great, great. So, I guess we will go to the show together.
Not anymore.
You serious?
No, I'll go.
Oh, okay. Thank you.
Just don't say that ever again.
Okay. I won't.
Yo, Teach!
Do-ra-mi, wiener

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