Funny People (2009): At The Airport


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The clip At The Airport from Funny People (2009) with Leslie Mann, Seth Rogen

Okay. Bye.
Hey, George.
I'm going to... I'm gonna go to the store
and grab some cigarettes, okay?
I'll be back soon.
What? What do you need cigarettes for?
'Cause I'm addicted to them.
Why? 'Cause you look like the Fonz when you smoke?
I've always smoked. I just didn't do it in front of you 'cause you were sick.
And now that you're better...
Hurry up, though, man. I'm running out of gas with the kids here.
Okay. I'll hurry up.
Memory, all alone in the moonlight
I can't wait till the morning
Are my parents getting a divorce?
Why... Why... Why do you ask that?
Just, like, I can tell. They're always fighting and...
How does that make you feel?
Well, he's already away a lot,
so it doesn't really matter that much, but...
That wouldn't be fun.
Maybe it would be better if they were separated.
That's not good.
Laura, what are you doing here?
I don't know.

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