Funny People (2009): Gyg at San Francisco Part 2


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The clip Gyg at San Francisco Part 2 from Funny People (2009) with Leslie Mann, Adam Sandler

No cursing. Don't curse so much.
Okay, all right! Nothing dirty. I don't know how.
You just cut my set in half, but that's fine. All right, see you, kid.
Okay, good luck.
Thanks for coming.
You gotta tell her I'm better at intermission, all right?
You haven't told her that you're better?
No, I'm not good at stuff like that.
Just... She'll be cool with it. She'll be...
You're giving her good news, she'll be happy.
We're gonna go by her house tomorrow, too.
Yeah, we're just visiting her. I just want to say hi,
see how she's doing, where she lives, that kind of thing.
Why did you guys break up in the first place?
I cheated on her.
Why would you cheat on her?
It's easy not to cheat when no one wants to fuck you, you judgmental prick.
I have a theory that Tom Cruise, David Beckham and Will Smith
have mooshed the heads of their penises together.
I think that this has happened.
I don't think it happened in a gay way.
I think it just happened out of boredom.
I think just rich-dude boredom.
Just like, "What have we not done, guys? We've done everything!"
" I'll tell you one thing we haven't done. "
And I bet when it happened, it was an epic occurrence. It was huge.
I think of it all the time.
I think first, you know, David and Tom touched dick heads.
And it was easy, just zoonk. Because there was a magnetic field to it.
And then Will Smith started approaching with his dick
and, like, wind started blowing in his face,
and paper started flying everywhere and he just couldn't do it.
And they're like, "Come on, Will, get it in there!"
"I can't do it!"
Beckham yells,
"Don't cross the streams! It's like Ghost Busters!"
And then he does it and Flash by Queen starts playing.
It's just, Flash! Ahhh!
Light shoots into the sky! That's how stars are born, I think.
Anyway, I'm Ira Wright. Have a good night. Thank you, all, very much.
Hey. How's it going?
That was so good!
You seem so surprised.
Well, you looked so nervous before.

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