Funny People (2009): George at San Francisco


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The clip George at San Francisco from Funny People (2009) with Adam Sandler, Leslie Mann

It's great to be here.
It's great. It's great to be alive!
Yeah, man. Thank you. Right on. Okay.
Thank you for coming, George!
Thank you. All right.
That's very nice. Man, oh, man.
Any other 40-year-olds out there tonight? In their 40s?
It's funny. In your 20s you're like,
" Fuck you, man. Fuck that shit.
" Fuck my parents. I don't need none of that shit. "
In your 30s you're like, "Fuck the President.
" Fuck that guy, that fucking asshole. "
In your 40s you're like, "I'm hungry.
" What do we have in the fridge?"
So, yeah, I'm fucking famous and rich, and it's crazy.
It's... You know why? 'Cause I hate rich people.
Fucking I'm rich and I hate rich people.
I hate everything I fucking do now.
I go to Hawaii, I'm like,
" You fucking snotty cocksucker, going to Hawaii. "
Buy a new car, " La-di-da, look who's got a new car. "
You know, I thought about giving all my money, just giving it away,
but then I was like, "What a rich-guy thing to do.
"Mr. Charitable."
Well, why didn't you tell me? I was just here.
Laura, if I told you, you might not have talked to me anymore, so I...
What are you talking about? That's ridiculous.
I knew you forgave me because I was sick
and there was no other way you would forgive me.
I know, but it's different now.
We've been talking... What are you... No!
This is... So, what are you... So, did the...
The doctor said I'm good. I'm better for now.
I don't know what the hell's gonna happen,
but for now the guy said I'm good.
I'm so happy.
You are happy?
God, thank you. Thank you.

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