The Skulls (2000): the Tape is Erased Part 2


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The clip the tape is erased Part 2 from The Skulls (2000)

They're watching you. They're watching me. They control everything!
They control everything we do, including him! Even him!
I've heard about enough.
All right. Whoa. Hey. You guys stay back. Keep them back.
You've gotta listen. Listen!
Martin Lombard killed my roommate.
Martin Lombard, university's provost?
That's what was on the tape!
Yes, he snapped Will Beckford's neck, for Christ's sakes!
He snapped Will Beckford's neck!
Oh, I see.
The suicide thing was just a cover-up.
Martin Lombard?
Yes, and he's in on it!
Why did Martin Lombard kill your roommate?
Because Litten Mandrake told him to.
Oh. Judge Litten Mandrake?
Judge Litten Mandrake. He runs the whole show.
That's ridiculous.
It's true! You're working for him!
It's ridiculous!
Listen, please. You gotta believe me.
Listen, he's in on it, okay?
I'm innocent here. I'm telling you the truth!
I'm telling you the truth.
You son of a bitch! How could you do this to me?
Get off me!

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