The Skulls (2000): Luke Questions Caleb


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The clip luke questions caleb from The Skulls (2000)

He has got a left hook that took a man out in 30 seconds.
He has what they call a puncher's chance.
That is, if he gets inside... He's not a boxer.
Tonight begins the Revealing Process...
the final stage of your admission into the order.
Come with us into liars' hell.
Gentlemen, do come in.
I'm Dr. Rupert Whitney, class of'73. I'm head of protocol.
I'll be your guide for the next few weeks.
The Revealing Process is our most sacred ritual.
It's been a Skull tradition since the late 1700s...
and it is the foundation of your class's commitment...
to each other.
Each soul mate pair will be placed within the device.
And then you may ask them any question you want...
about anything that you want.
The object is to learn all that you can about each other.
After they've revealed all to your satisfaction...
release them.
Which pair wants to go first?
Caleb and I will.
Hey, Luke, what's your worst fear?

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