Duplicity (2009): Claire Wants Pizza


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The clip claire wants pizza from Duplicity (2009) with Paul Giamatti, Clive Owen

Forget it.
I never liked this game.
Any sport that puts a limit on your score is a complete waste of time.
Three hundred, that's it?
What, are you gonna bust your nut to do something 9 million other jokers might do?
Stupidest damn thing I ever heard of.
Okay, so don't turn around, but she just came in.
We're cool though, right? She see us?
Oh, yeah.
I look natural, right?
Super natural.
Who picked this place?
You have a problem?
It's a little bright.
So this gentleman here is...
I know who he is.
You do? Even with the hat?
She's a trained professional.
Yeah, yeah, I can see that.
I can definitely...
Would you... You know what, we got beers here.
Would you care for something?
She's fine.
I'm starving.
Well, hell, then we should feed you.
I'd love some pizza. Do you think they have pizza?
I'll just bet that they do, yeah.
Or even frozen pizza.
I don't think so.
Why don't you go take a look-see?
You'd smell it if they did.
I don't give a damn if you have to go to Sicily, get the lady some pizza!
Any particular topping you'd like?
Surprise me.

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