Duplicity (2009): Rivlary Between Ray and Claire

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The clip rivlary between ray and claire from Duplicity (2009) You're acting like I owe you an apology. Kno...
The clip rivlary between ray and claire from Duplicity (2009) You're acting like I owe you an apology. Knock yourself out. You were an assignment. You're a big boy. You knew what you were doing. I can see it's really been eating at you. An Ml6 case officer takes a strange girl from an embassy party back to his hotel room where he has an unsecured briefcase full of Egyptian Air Defense codes. Did they tell you to sleep with me? I needed the codes. I thought the less time I spent with you, the better. Oh, Jesus. How did you get on this project? And you're the mole. And who the hell hired you anyway? I can't believe it. How did you get this job? I got news for you, okay? The day I left Ml6, I had 15 major companies begging for my services. Well, I guess you picked wrong. But you must be used to that. You know, I've got a meeting in 12 minutes. Where's the drop? Hand it over. Forget it. I'm not working with you. Excuse me? You think I'm gonna let you be my contact officer? This is way over your head. Over my head? Lady, I worked Yemen, Athens and Cairo. I've been promoted and decorated every place I served. Tell Duke to send someone else. Listen. I'm sure you know your way around a shoe store, but I did 12 years in the field. And how long have you been working for Equikrom? Long enough. How long? Three weeks. Three whole weeks? Like every day? Well, I've spent the last 14 months undercover inside Burkett& Randle. I'm an Assistant Director of Counterintelligence. I am all the way in. So let's get this straight. I'm the asset here. You're a delivery boy. And the only thing I'm gonna give you is a message. Tell Duke I don't ever wanna see you again. I run field agents for a living. There's only two ways to do it. Either you bring them flowers or you hang them by their heels out of the window. Now, maybe you're so used to having your legs in the air you don't realize it, but you're upside down, sister. I own you. You've 10 seconds to get your hand off me. Or what? You won't be my friend anymore? I like this gig. I like the money. I like the hours. So I'm not going anywhere, and you're gonna get over it because if you ever mention again that you don't wanna work with me or that we've met before or that you think someone else might do a better job, if I get replaced for any reason at all,